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Gene Review

PHO81  -  Pho81p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: CDK inhibitor PHO81, G8567, Phosphate system positive regulatory protein PHO81, YGR233C
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High impact information on PHO81


Biological context of PHO81


Associations of PHO81 with chemical compounds

  • An in vitro assay showed that a glutathione S-transferase-Pho81p fusion protein inhibits the Pho85p protein kinase [9].
  • Interestingly, both read-outs depend on Pho81 but, while the previously described minimum domain of Pho81 is sufficient to sustain phosphate-regulated transcription of PHO genes, full-length Pho81 is required to control trehalose metabolism and the PDS targets [10].

Physical interactions of PHO81

  • However, an in vivo binding assay indicates that the mutant Pho81p is deficient in binding to the Pho80p-Pho85p kinase complex [7].
  • Additionally, we show that Pcl7 interacts with the phosphate-regulated cyclin-cdk inhibitor Pho81, and that the regulation of the Pcl7-Pho85 complex in response to changes in phosphate levels is dependent on Pho81 [11].
  • These findings suggest that Pho88p is also involved in Pi transport and modulates Pho81p function together with Pho86p [12].

Enzymatic interactions of PHO81


Other interactions of PHO81

  • The resulting mutations were introduced into a yeast strain containing a deletion of PHO81 and the effect of the mutation on PHO5 expression was assayed [7].
  • The PHO81 gene is thought to encode an inhibitor of the negative regulators (Pho80p and Pho85p) in the phosphatase (PHO) regulon [9].
  • Elimination of the PHO81 promoter or its substitution by the GAL1 promoter revealed that stimulation of the PHO regulatory system requires both increased transcription of PHO81 and a Pi starvation signal [9].
  • A coordinate increase of PHO80 cancels the dosage effect of PHO4, but not that of PHO81 [13].
  • The PHO81 gene encoding one of the regulators of the phosphatase regulon in Saccharomyces cerevisiae was mapped 9.8 centimorgans distal from the ser2 locus on the right arm of chromosome VII [8].


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