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Cloning and characterization of a murine brain specific gene Bpx and its human homologue lying within the Xic candidate region.

The X inactivation centre (Xic) is a cis-acting locus thought to play a key role in the initiation of X-inactivation. We have cloned and characterized a new gene, Bpx, lying distal to the murine Xist. Bpx, which is specifically expressed in the brain, shows strong homology to genes encoding nucleosome assembly proteins and is normally X-inactivated in mice. Isolation and localization of BPX, its human homologue, has shown the gene to be located centromeric to XIST in man. The Xq13 region, whose orientation is apparently globally conserved between man and mouse, must therefore contain an inversion of at least 600 kb spanning the XIST sequence and including the CDX4 and BPX genes.[1]


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