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Neuropeptide Y receptor gene regulation in mouse adrenocortical Y-1 cells.

The mouse adrenocortical Y-1 cell line expresses a high level of neuropeptide Y1 receptor (NPY-Y1). Moreover the receptor density can be up-regulated by dexamethasone or down-regulated by cAMP. To determine whether such regulation occurs at the level of gene expression, Y1 receptor mRNA was measured using a reverse transcriptase-competitive PCR method. Dexamethasone treatment increased Y1 mRNA in Y-1 cells, whereas the cAMP and ACTH decreased it. We also observed that the amount of Y1 receptor RNA was unaffected by phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate, a protein kinase C stimulator, but was abolished in a cell line expressing apolipoprotein E (apoE). The results indicated that NPY-Y1 receptor mRNA in Y-1 cells is highly regulated by several intracellular messengers. The role of apoE in such regulation is of particular interest in view of evidence that the isoform of the molecule is highly correlated to the age of onset of Alzheimer's disease. The effect observed in the Y-1 cell line which expresses apoE may implicate a possible role of this protein in the process of neuronal death that occurred in the Alzheimer's disease.[1]


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