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A cdc2-like kinase distinct from cdk5 is associated with neurofilaments.

An immunoprecipitation assay was used to identify protein kinases which are physically associated with neurofilaments (NF) in mouse brain extracts. Using this approach, we show that a cdc2-related kinase is associated with NF. The cdc2-related kinase was found to be distinct from cdk5 and the authentic cdc2 by a number of criteria. Firstly, it has a molecular mass on SDS-PAGE gels of 34 kDa, similar to that of cdc2, but differing from cdk5 (31 kDa). Secondly, it is not recognized by an antibody specific for cdk5. Thirdly, it is recognized by an antibody raised against the C-terminal region of authentic cdc2, but not by an antibody specific for the PSTAIRE motif. Using immunoblotting, we further show that the cdc2-related kinase copurifies with NF isolated from rat tissues. In vitro kinase assays further demonstrated that immunoprecipitated cdc2-related kinase phosphorylates recombinant NF-H protein. Phosphorylation of NF-H by the cdc2-like activity was not affected by 3 microM olomoucine but was inhibited by 10 microM of this kinase inhibitor. Phosphoamino acid analysis of in vitro phosphorylated NF-H indicates that the immunoprecipitated cdc2-related kinase phosphorylates serine residues.[1]


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