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Reactions of the middle meningeal artery of the cat to neural and humoral stimulation.

The physiology and pharmacology of the middle meningeal artery was investigated in cats in order to determine whether this artery was subject to normal neural and humoral control mechanisms. Carotid and middle meningeal arterial blood flows and resistances were measured in 16 cats anaesthetized with chloralose. The cervical sympathetic nerves were stimulated electrically. Stimulation of the cervical sympathetic nerves pre-ganglionically reduced blood flow in the middle meningeal artery by producing vasoconstriction in its resistance bed. The vasoconstriction was mediated via catecholamine-containing nerves, as it was abolished by prior intravenous administration of bretylium. Intravenous injections of noradrenaline or adrenaline also produced vasoconstriction in the middle meningeal arterial bed. 5-Hydroxytryptamine (5HT), on the other hand, produced a dilatation in the middle meningeal artery. We conclude that neurally or humorally released catecholamines can provide a plausible mechanism for vasoconstriction in the middle meningeal artery. The dilator effect of 5HT contrasts with the constrictor effect of the 5HT1-like receptor agonist sumatriptan and suggests a complex 5HT receptor pharmacology for the artery.[1]


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