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Coamplification of the ZFX and ZFY genes for sex identification in preimplantation embryos.

Knowledge of the sex of an embryo may be particularly useful for couples who have a high risk of producing offspring with inherited genetic disorders. We present a rapid and reliable nested polymerase chain reaction strategy to simultaneously amplify the ZFX and ZFY genes at the single cell level. Forty single blastomeres isolated from six triploid preembryos were subjected to coamplification of ZFX and ZFY genes. The results obtained from the preembryo were consistent with the assigned genotype. The amplification rate was 80% for ZFX and 84% for ZFY. Our strategy can be applied to preimplantation diagnosis of single gene disorders, and is especially useful for preimplantation diagnosis and prevention of X-linked diseases in in vitro fertilization programs.[1]


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