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Gene Review

ZFY  -  zinc finger protein, Y-linked

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ZNF911, Zinc finger Y-chromosomal protein
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Disease relevance of ZFY


High impact information on ZFY


Biological context of ZFY

  • Recently, a candidate for the testis-determining gene (ZFY, Y-borne zinc-finger protein) has been cloned [9].
  • In these individuals, the male phenotype could be explained by a mutation in a gene 'downstream' of ZFY in the sex-determining hierarchy; but in that case there should be no exchange of material between the X and Y chromosomes [8].
  • Sequences homologous to ZFY, a candidate human sex-determining gene, are autosomal in marsupials [9].
  • The ZFY probe detects a male-specific (Y-linked) sequence in DNA from a range of eutherian mammals, as well as an X-linked sequence (ZFX) which maps to the human X chromosome [9].
  • We have isolated cDNA clones of ZFY and its homologue on the X chromosome, ZFX [10].

Anatomical context of ZFY

  • Significantly, the 3-kb ZFY transcript was also detected in other mammalian adult testes [11].
  • ZFY and ZFX are transcribed in a wide variety of XY and (in the case of ZFX) XX cell lines [5].
  • None of the sample blanks showed any PCR product, all 90 of the karyotypically XY cells were correctly genotyped as ZFX/ZFY, all 83 of the 84 XX cells that amplified were correctly genotyped as ZFX only, and analyses of all same-embryo blastomeres were completely concordant (100% specificity) [12].
  • Here we show that two Y-chromosomal genes involved in sex determination of the gonad, SRY and ZFY, are transcribed in hypothalamus, and frontal and temporal cortex of the adult male human brain [13].
  • The patients' father (46, XY, no mosaicism detected in peripheral blood lymphocytes) was positive for SRY and ZFY sequences [14].

Associations of ZFY with chemical compounds

  • Substitution of Phe by leucine in a ZFY peptide permits Zn(2+)-dependent folding [15].

Other interactions of ZFY


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ZFY


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