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Early expression of Ig mu chain from a transgene significantly reduces the duration of the pro-B stage but does not affect the small pre-B stage.

During B cell development, V-J rearrangements at the Ig heavy mu chain ( IgH mu chain) locus occur in early cycling precursors (pro-B stage). Subsequently, rearrangements at the Ig light (IgL) chain locus occur in late resting precursors (small pre-B stage). To study the effects of mu chain expression on the rate of B cell development, purified hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) bearing a mu chain transgene or wild-type HSC were transferred into immunodeficient RAG-2-/- mice and B cell development was followed over time. In addition, cycling B cell precursors were pulse-labeled by the injection of BrdU into transgenic and wild-type mice, and the production of BrdU-labeled kappa + and lambda + B cells was followed over time. These experiments suggested that early expression of the mu chain from the transgene significantly shortened the duration of the pro-B stage and immediately drove the precursors to differentiate into small pre-B cells. By contrast, the presence of the transgene did not affect the small pre-B stage, where IgL rearrangements occur. Thus, kappa and lambda rearrangements occurred only after the arrest of cell cycling as previously shown in wild-type mice, even when the mu chain is artificially expressed earlier in B cell development.[1]


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