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Cloning of the cDNA encoding mouse PP5/ TFPI-2 and mapping of the gene to chromosome 6.

Placental protein 5 (PP5)/tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 ( TFPI-2) is a new homologue of TFPI, which contains three tandemly repeated Kunitz-type proteinase inhibitory (KPI) domains and potently inhibits the extrinsic blood coagulation cascade. In this study, mouse PP5/ TFPI-2 cDNA was cloned using a human PP5/ TFPI2 cDNA fragment as a probe. The characteristic three KPI domains with short spacer sequences and a basic amino acid stretch in the carboxyl-terminal region present in human PP5/ TFPI-2 were well conserved in mouse PP5/ TFPI-2. In general, the P1 reactive site residues of active KPI domains are basic amino acids. However, the putative P1 residues of the first, second, and third KPI domains were glutamine, aspartic acid, and serine, respectively. Mouse PP5/ TFPI-2 mRNA was highly expressed in developing placenta as in humans. Adult liver and kidney also contained a significant amount of its transcripts. The mouse PP5/ TFPI-2 gene was found to be located in the R-positive A2 band by the direct R-banding FISH and identified at 2.7 cM proximal to D6Mit 1 by interspecific backcross analysis.[1]


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