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MFP1, a novel plant filament-like protein with affinity for matrix attachment region DNA.

The interaction of chromatin with the nuclear matrix via matrix attachment regions (MARs) on the DNA is considered to be of fundamental importance for higher order chromatin organization and regulation of gene expression. Here, we report a novel nuclear matrix-localized MAR DNA binding protein, designated MAR binding filament-like protein 1 (MFP1), from tomato. In contrast to the few animal MAR DNA binding proteins thus far identified, MFP1 contains a predicted N-terminal transmembrane domain and a long filament-like alpha-helical domain that is similar to diverse nuclear and cytoplasmic filament proteins from animals and yeast. DNA binding assays established that MFP1 can discriminate between animal and plant MAR DNAs and non-MAR DNA fragments of similar size and AT content. Deletion mutants of MFP1 revealed a novel, discrete DNA binding domain near the C terminus of the protein. MFP1 is an in vitro substrate for casein kinase II, a nuclear matrix-associated protein kinase. Its structure, MAR DNA binding activity, and nuclear matrix localization suggest that MFP1 is likely to participate in nuclear architecture by connecting chromatin with the nuclear matrix and potentially with the nuclear envelope.[1]


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