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Detection and prevalence of the tetracycline resistance determinant Tet Q in the microbiota associated with adult periodontitis.

Subgingival plaque samples were collected from 68 patients with a history of moderate to severe adult periodontitis and enumerated on Trypticase-soy blood agar plates, with and without tetracycline at 4 micrograms/ml. Each different colony morphotype was enumerated, and a representative colony was subcultured for identification and examined for the tetracycline resistance gene tet(Q) by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification and DNA hybridization, using a fragment of tetA(Q)2 from Bacteroides fragilis 1126. PCR primers (5'-GGCTTCTACGACATCTATTA-3' and 5'-CATCAACATTTATCTCTCTG-3') were chosen to amplify a 755 bp region of tet(Q). The subgingival plaque samples were also tested by PCR. Approximately 12% of the total cultivable flora was resistant to tetracycline, and the percentage of the tetracycline-resistant cultivable flora with the tet(Q) gene varied greatly from one patient to another with a range from 0.0 to 67%. Half of the 68 subgingival plaque samples were positive or weakly positive for tet(Q) by PCR. Approximately 15% of the 210 isolates subcultured with resistance to tetracycline, (> or = 4 micrograms/ml) contained tet(Q), and 60% contained tet(M). All of the tet(Q)-resistant isolates were gram-negative anaerobic bacilli and included all of the Prevotella and Bacteroides isolates.[1]


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