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A physical map at 1p31 encompassing the acute insulin response locus and the leptin receptor.

Recently, we reported genetic linkage in Pima Indians between the acute insulin response to an intravenous glucose challenge and the short tandem repeat marker D1S198, indicative of a genetic element in this region that controls the phenotypic variation in the first phase of insulin secretion. As a first step to isolating the gene responsible for the acute insulin response, we have constructed a yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) contig map that spans the DNA microsatellites D1S438 through D1S464. The contig comprises 34 YACs on which we have mapped 44 ends of the genomic DNA inserts from the 34 YACs, 13 short tandem repeats, eight expressed sequence tags, and six genes. In addition, we have used this contig to construct a physical map encompassing approximately 9 Mb of DNA in this region.[1]


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