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Molecular cloning of gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) pituitary transcription factor GHF-1/ Pit-1.

We report here the complete nucleotide sequence of a cDNA clone encoding Sparus aurata GHF-1/ Pit-1 isolated from an expression library prepared from gilthead seabream pituitary gland poly(A)+ RNA. The cDNA sequence (saGHF-1/ Pit-1) encodes a protein of 371 amino acids (aa) containing a POU domain (aa 194-343) and a transactivation, STA domain (aa 1-128). Northern blot hybridization of pituitary RNA detected a single 3.0 kb band and a rat GHF-1/ Pit-1 antiserum was found to immunoreact with pituitary protein species of 42 kDa by Western blot analysis. When compared with mammalian GHF-1/ Pit-1 aa sequence, the POU and STA domains of saGHF-1/ Pit-1 protein show 83% and 48% aa identity, respectively. In spite of the low homology of the transactivation domain, saGHF-1/ Pit-1 is able to activate the transcription of the human growth hormone promoter.[1]


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