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Disease relevance of Perciformes


Psychiatry related information on Perciformes

  • The results indicate that the two species differ in frequency selectivity since the Atlantic croaker was less susceptible to auditory threshold shifts, particularly at the higher level of masking [4].

High impact information on Perciformes

  • The three ER subtypes are genetically distinct and have different distribution patterns in Atlantic croaker tissues [5].
  • The Atlantic croaker ERgamma shows amino acid differences in regions important for ligand binding and receptor activation that are conserved in all other ERgammas [5].
  • X-ray structures of Sparus aurata (sea bream) TTR have been determined as the apo-protein at 1.75 A resolution and bound to ligands T(3) and T(4), both at 1.9 A resolution [6].
  • In the present study, we provide evidence that multiple forms of functional C3 occur not only in the rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri), a quasi-tetraploid old teleost fish, but also in the diploid gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata), a modern teleost fish [7].
  • Structural C3 diversity in fish: characterization of five forms of C3 in the diploid fish Sparus aurata [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of Perciformes


Biological context of Perciformes


Anatomical context of Perciformes


Associations of Perciformes with chemical compounds


Gene context of Perciformes


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Perciformes


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