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Safety and immunogenicity of live oral cholera and typhoid vaccines administered alone or in combination with antimalarial drugs, oral polio vaccine, or yellow fever vaccine.

The effects of concomitant administration of antimalarial drugs, oral polio vaccine, or yellow fever vaccine on the immune response elicited by the Vibrio cholerae CVD103-HgR and Salmonella typhi Ty21a live oral vaccines were investigated. Healthy adults were immunized with CVD103-HgR alone or combined with Ty21a. Subjects were randomized to simultaneously receive mefloquine, chloroquine or proguanil, or oral polio or yellow fever vaccine. The vibriocidal antibody seroconversion rate was significantly reduced (P = .008) only in the group that received chloroquine with the CVD103-HgR. The geometric mean vibriocidal antibody titer was significantly decreased in the groups that received chloroquine (P = .001) or mefloquine (P = .02) compared with titers in groups that received CVD103-HgR alone. However, similar immunosuppressive effects were not observed in the groups immunized with Ty21a and CVD103-HgR. Only the concomitant administration of proguanil effected a significant (P = .013) decline in the anti-S. typhi lipopolysaccharide antibody response. These results indicate that chloroquine and proguanil should not be simultaneously administered with the CVD103-HgR and Ty21a vaccine strains, respectively.[1]


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