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Identification and cloning of human placental bikunin, a novel serine protease inhibitor containing two Kunitz domains.

Interrogation of the public expressed sequence tag (EST) data base with the sequence of preproaprotinin identified ESTs encoding two potential new members of the Kunitz family of serine protease inhibitors. Through reiterative interrogation, an EST contig was obtained, the consensus sequence from which encoded both of the novel Kunitz domains in a single open reading frame. This consensus sequence was used to direct the isolation of a full-length cDNA clone from a placental library. The resulting cDNA sequence predicted a 252-residue protein containing a putative NH2-terminal signal peptide followed sequentially by each of the two Kunitz domains within a 170-residue ectodomain, a putative transmembrane domain, and a 31-residue hydrophilic COOH terminus. The gene for this putative novel protein was mapped by use of a radiation hybrid panel to chromosome 19q13, and Northern analysis showed that the corresponding mRNA was expressed at high levels in human placenta and pancreas and at lower levels in brain, lung, and kidney. An endogenous soluble form of this protein, which was designated as placental bikunin, was highly purified from human placenta by sequential kallikrein-Sepharose affinity, gel filtration, and C18 reverse-phase chromatography. The natural protein exhibited the same NH2 terminus as predicted from the cloned cDNA and inhibited trypsin, plasma kallikrein, and plasmin with IC50 values in the nanomolar range.[1]


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