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Introduction of unmarked mutations in the Helicobacter pylori vacA gene with a sucrose sensitivity marker.

Research on Helicobacter pylori has been hindered by the lack of useful genetic tools. Using the sacB gene of Bacillus subtilis, we developed a sucrose-based counterselection system that allows introduction of unmarked mutations in H. pylori. A kan-sacB cassette, consisting of the sacB gene expressed from the H. pylori flagellin promoter and the kanamycin resistance module, was introduced by homologous recombination into a target H. pylori gene. The resultant strains were sucrose sensitive and kanamycin resistant. Following transformation with a mutated allele, growth in sucrose-containing medium allowed the selection of strains that had lost the kan-sacB module and had integrated the unmarked allele. We have used this cassette to perform a site-directed modification of two histidine residues encoded by the vacA gene in a two-step procedure. This system should prove useful in the site-directed mutagenesis of H. pylori genes.[1]


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