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Respiratory mechanics after chronic diethylcarbamazine.

This study was performed to evaluate the role of diethylcarbamazine (DEC), the drug of choice for treating Lymphatic Filariasis and Tropical Pulmonary Eosinophilia, on respiratory mechanics of higid rats. Thus, during 30 days two groups of six rats each received intraperitoneally either isotonic saline solution, or 12 mg/kg per day of DEC. Thereafter, they were sedated, anesthetized, paralysed and mechanical ventilation followed. After airway occlusion at end inspiration, respiratory system, pulmonary and chest wall resistive pressures (delta P1,rs, delta P1,L, and delta P1,w, respectively) and viscoelastic/inhomogeneous pressures (delta P2,rs, delta P2,L and delta P2,w, respectively) were determined in each group. Total delta pressures (delta Ptot) were calculated as the sum of delta P1 and delta P2, yielding the values of delta Ptot,rs, delta Ptot,L, and delta Ptot,w, respectively. Respiratory system, lung and chest wall static (Est,rs, Est,L, and Est,w, respectively) and dynamic elastances (Edyn,rs, Edyn,L, and Edyn,w, respectively), and the corresponding delta elastances (calculated as Edyn-Est) were also obtained. DEC therapy significantly decreased delta Ptot,rs, delta P tot,L, delta P2,rs, delta P2,L, Est,ts, Est,L, delta Ers and delta EL, in relation to the respective control values. It can be concluded that DEC decreases respiratory system impedance, being potentially useful for allowing airway dilation at the lung periphery.[1]


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