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How does cystitis affect a comparative risk profile of tiaprofenic acid with other non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs? An international study based on spontaneous reports and drug usage data. ADR Signals Analysis Project (ASAP) Team.

Series of well-documented case reports strongly suggest a causal association between tiaprofenic acid and a form of aseptic cystitis, which can cause serious and long-term morbidity if the drug is not withdrawn promptly. These findings are supported in the Australian and UK spontaneous reporting data-bases. Using sales data as the denominator, a comparison of NSAIDs in the WHO drug monitoring data-base indicates that the reaction is specific to tiaprofenic acid and cannot be accounted for by changes in reporting patterns in certain countries or years. Delayed recognition is an important feature of this reaction and possible reasons for this are discussed. Comparison of the risk profiles of seven NSAIDs indicated that tiaprofenic acid had the poorest risk profile, compared with NSAIDs of similar efficacy, when cystitis reports were included. The results suggest that combining spontaneous reports, classified according to severity, with sales data may enhance the ability of drug monitoring data-bases to contribute to risk benefit appraisals.[1]


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