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The 85-kilodalton phosphoprotein (pp85) of human herpesvirus 7 is encoded by open reading frame U14 and localizes to a tegument substructure in virion particles.

A family of antigenically related proteins present in cells infected with human herpesvirus 7 (HHV-7), designated phosphoprotein 85 (pp85), comprises a complex of proteins, of which the 85-kDa species is phosphorylated. pp85 is a major determinant of human response to HHV-7 infection (L. Foà-Tomasi, E. Avitabile, L. Ke, and G. Campadelli-Fiume, J. Gen. Virol. 75:2719-2727, 1994; L. Foà-Tomasi, M. P. Fiorilli, E. Avitabile, and G. Campadelli-Fiume, J. Gen. Virol. 77:511-518, 1996; J. B. Black et al., Clin. Diagn. Lab. Immunol. 3:79-83, 1996). By immunoscreening of a cDNA library from HHV-7-infected cells with monoclonal antibody (MAb) 5E1, directed to the proteins of the pp85 complex, we mapped the gene encoding pp85 to the U14 open reading frame of the HHV-7 genome. A prokaryotically expressed fusion protein containing the U14 open reading frame reacted with MAb 5E1 in an immunoblot assay. A functional role for pp85 was defined by immunoelectron microscopy studies. Immunogold labeling of cryosections of HHV-7-infected cord blood mononuclear cells at high resolution localized the reactivity of MAb 5E1 to the outer surface of the virion tegument. This finding demonstrates that pp85, the product of the U14 gene, is a component of the HHV-7 tegument and suggests that the HHV-7 tegument is not a homogeneous structure but rather is composed of substructures, including an outermost layer containing pp85. The present findings, together with previously reported properties of MAb 5E1, including its ability to react with formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded samples, make this antibody a specific tool useful for etiopathogenetic studies of HHV-7 infection in humans and provide the basis for further development of pp85 into a specific recombinant diagnostic reagent.[1]


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