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Dystrophins in developing retina: Dp260 expression correlates with synaptic maturation.

Dystrophin, the protein altered in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), is necessary for normal retinal function and exists in several isoforms. We examined the expression of dystrophin and utrophin proteins and transcripts in the rat retina at different developmental stages using Western blots and semi-quantitative RT-PCR. Our results revealed the presence of utrophin (DRP1), G-utrophin and/or DRP2 and four dystrophin isoforms (Dp427, Dp260, Dp140, Dp71) in the normal adult rat retina. Only Dp260 showed a marked progressive increase with age at both protein and mRNA levels. This variation is consistent with the establishment of synaptic functions in the developing retina and suggests a key role for this apo-dystrophin in synaptogenesis.[1]


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