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The GLUT3 glucose transporter isoform is differentially expressed within human placental cell types.

The cellular localization of GLUT3 messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) and protein was examined in human term placenta using a combination of methodologies. In situ hybridization indicated that GLUT3 mRNA was present in the trophoblast cell layer and in vascular endothelium with a heterogeneous distribution pattern. GLUT3 protein migrating at an apparent molecular mass of 49 kDa was detected by immunoblotting in membranes from whole placenta and endothelial cells derived from intraplacental microvessels, but not in isolated trophoblast cells. This cell-specific pattern of expression was confirmed by immunocytochemical studies showing a prominent localization of GLUT3 protein in vascular endothelium. These findings indicate a differential distribution of GLUT3 mRNA and protein in the human placenta. Based on its cell-specific distribution at the fetal interface, GLUT3 protein could be of cardinal importance in the transport of glucose from the placenta to the fetal circulation.[1]


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