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Use of calcium-binding proteins to map inputs in vestibular nuclei of the gerbil.

We wished to determine whether calbindin and/or calretinin are appropriate markers for vestibular afferents, a population of neurons in the vestibular nuclear complex, or cerebellar Purkinje inputs. To accomplish this goal, immunocytochemical staining was observed in gerbils after lesions of the vestibular nerve central to the ganglion, the cerebellum, or both. Eleven to fourteen days after recovery, the brain was processed for immunocytochemical identification of calretinin and calbindin. After lesion of the vestibular nerve, no calretinin staining was seen in any of the vestibular nuclei except for a population of intrinsic neurons, which showed no obvious change in number or staining pattern. Calbindin staining was reduced in all nuclei except the dorsal part of the lateral vestibular nuclei. The density of staining of each marker, measured in the magnocellular medial vestibular nucleus, was significantly reduced. After the cerebellar lesion, no differences in calretinin staining were noted. However, calbindin staining was greatly reduced in all nuclei. The density of staining, measured in the caudal medial vestibular nucleus, was significantly lower. After a combined lesion of the cerebellum and vestibular nerve, the distribution and density of calretinin staining resembled that after vestibular nerve section alone, whereas calbindin staining was no longer seen. This study demonstrates that calretinin and calbindin are effective markers for the identification of vestibular afferents.[1]


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