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Subdivision of the pestivirus genus based on envelope glycoprotein E2.

Conventionally, the genus Pestivirus of the family Flaviviridae has been divided into bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV), classical swine fever virus (CSFV), and border disease virus (BDV). To date, BDV and BVDV have been isolated from different species, whereas CSFV seems to be restricted to swine. Pestiviruses are structurally and antigenically closely related. Envelope glycoprotein E2 is the most immunogenic and most variable protein of pestiviruses. We cloned E2 genes of many different pestivirus strains, including those from a deer and a giraffe. The E2 genes were transiently expressed, characterized with monoclonal antibodies, sequenced, and compared. Based on these data, we can delineate six major groups within the Pestivirus genus. Four groups correspond to defined genotypes, whereas the two other groups could be new genotypes within the Pestivirus genus. One group comprises CSFV strains isolated from swine. A second group consists of BDV strains Moredun, L83, and X818, which have been isolated from sheep, and strain F from swine. A third group contains strain BD78 from sheep, strain 5250 from swine, and strain 178003 from cattle. On the basis of E2, these viruses are very similar to BVDV strains associated with acute severe outbreaks of bovine viral diarrhea, so-called type 2 BVDV. The fourth group consists of BVDV strains originating predominantly from cattle. This BVDV group can be divided into two subtypes or subgroups BVDV Ia and Ib: BVDV Ia contains viruses from the United States, such as like NADL and Oregon, and some others, such as 150022 and 1138 from Europe. Subgroup BVDV Ib contains strain Osloss and several Dutch isolates. The fifth and sixth "groups" could be proposed as two new genotypes and contain strains Deer and Giraffe, respectively.[1]


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