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Samarium 153Sm lexidronam.

Samarium 153Sm lexidronam is a medium energy beta-emitting radioisotope chelated to the tetraphosphate, ethylenediaminetetramethylenephosphonic acid (EDTMP). 153Sm has a physical half-life of 1.9 days. Samarium 153Sm lexidronam concentrates in bone tissue and has a metastatic lesion: normal bone ratio of 4. Clearance of nonskeletal radioactivity after administration of samarium 153Sm lexidronam is rapid, and is almost complete from the blood and urine within 1 and 6 hours, respectively. Some degree of pain relief was achieved in 72% of patients with bone metastases after a single dose of samarium 153Sm lexidronam 1 mCi/kg (37 MBq/kg) compared with 44% of placebo recipients (p < 0.025). Relief was generally attained within 2 weeks and lasted for a median of 8 to 15 weeks. After recurrence of pain, a second dose of samarium 153Sm lexidronam may produce further pain relief in some patients. The dose-limiting toxicity of samarium 153Sm lexidronam is reversible myelosuppression.[1]


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