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Development of a telemedicine and distance learning network in rural eastern North Carolina.

A telemedicine service was established between the East Carolina University (ECU) School of Medicine in Greenville and the Central Prison in Raleigh, about 160 km away. Based on the first two years' experience of providing a prison telemedicine service, a medical education network was set up, linking the School of Medicine to health institutions in Ahoskie, approximately 160 km away, and Jacksonville, approximately 145 km away. At about the same time, a telemedicine network was installed linking the ECU to two rural hospitals, the Roanoke-Chowan Hospital in Ahoskie, and the Martin General Hospital in Williamston, both approximately 75 km away. Although it was a demonstration project, the prison telemedicine service was thought to be cost-effective. The cost of transporting a patient from prison for medical care was estimated to be $700. In comparison, a telemedicine consultation cost about $70, excluding the equipment and network costs. During the first 33 months of operation there were over 400 telemedicine consultations carried out in eastern North Carolina. The majority were dermatology consultations, with neurology and gastroenterology being next most frequent.[1]


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