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Disease relevance of Gastroenterology


Psychiatry related information on Gastroenterology

  • METHODS: 62 consecutive patients admitted to the Department of Medicine (Gastroenterology and Hepatology) Freiburg University Hospital, Freiburg, Germany, underwent standardised psychodiagnostic interviews and completed psychometric self-rating tests to identify mental disorders, psychosocial distress, and motivation for psychotherapy [6].
  • Acute intraperitoneal administration of bromopride (BRO) and domperidone (DOMP), two dopamine D2 blockers used as antiemetics in gastroenterology, were tested in male rats for effects on motor activity and on active and inhibitory conditioned behaviour [7].

High impact information on Gastroenterology


Chemical compound and disease context of Gastroenterology


Biological context of Gastroenterology


Anatomical context of Gastroenterology

  • Three months of therapy reduces the number of infected hepatocytes at least 10-fold (W.S. Mason, J. Cullen, J. Saputelli, T.-T. Wu, C. Liu, W.T. London, E. Lustbader, P. Schaffer, A.P. O'Connell, I. Fourel, C.E. Aldrich, and A.R. Jilbert, Hepatology 19:393-411, 1994) [23].
  • The origin of hepatic myofibroblasts. Mak KM, Leo MA, Lieber CS. Alcoholic liver injury in baboons: transformation of lipocytes to transitional cells [Gastroenterology 1984;87:188-200] [24].
  • In this cell line, this concentration of ethanol is known to induce gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase, a marker of alcoholism in man (Barouki et al., Hepatology 1983; 3: 323-329) [25].
  • Images in hepatology. Bone marrow deposits of oxalate crystals [26].
  • The Caco-2 model system (Hidalgo et al., Gastroenterology, 96:736-749, 1989), which is a monolayer of polarized intestinal epithelial cells grown onto a porous polycarbonate membrane, was used to study the mechanism of transcellular transport of an antihypertensive agent, L-alpha-methyldopa (L-alpha-MD) [27].

Associations of Gastroenterology with chemical compounds

  • In conclusion, HCV-infected drug addicts with chronic HCV infection can be treated successfully with interferon alfa-2a and ribavirin if they are closely supervised by physicians specialized in both hepatology and addiction medicine [28].
  • The resulting net nitrogen sparing might be the basis for the beneficial effect of PGE1 in clinical hepatology [29].
  • As shown by us previously (Roberts, R. K. et al., Gastroenterology 1978; 75:479-485), untreated cirrhotics had substantially lower chlordiazepoxide clearance than did controls [30].
  • METHODS: UK gastroenterology papers from 1988-94 were selectively retrieved from the Science Citation Index by means of a specially constructed filter based on their title keywords and journal names [31].
  • Gastroenterology in the Trent Region in 1992 and a review of changes since 1975 [32].

Gene context of Gastroenterology


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gastroenterology


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