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Education, Medical

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Psychiatry related information on Education, Medical

  • A series of surveys were undertaken at one Australian medical school to examine alcohol and drug-related knowledge, skills and attitudes before and after the introduction of the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse and also before and after major alcohol and drug medical education initiatives [1].

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Associations of Education, Medical with chemical compounds

  • Analysis of the prescribing of chloramphenicol (and perhaps other drugs) in ambulatory practice will help identify those physicians most in need or remedial medical education [12].
  • After serving in the clinical investigation units of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) he became deputy director of medical research at the RCAF headquarters in Ottawa. This was the post he held when he wrote the editorial "Medical education for 1980," which is reprinted as our Encore selection for this issue, starting on page 665 [13].
  • This project examined the academic audit of postgraduate medical education, and went on to research, design and implement an educational audit system for use in Mersey Region, UK [14].
  • 20th Lenna Frances Cooper Memorial Lecture: Nutrition: an integral aspect of medical education [15].
  • It is largely told as a story of universities, of high standards and of an education mainly available to men from ordinary backgrounds who became general practitioners and servants of the British Empire. This paper asks whether there was anything peculiarly Scottish about the medical education to be had north of the border [16].

Gene context of Education, Medical

  • SARS and its effect on medical education in Hong Kong [17].
  • To improve referral for RA, clinical guidelines, medical education, and quality improvement efforts should address all domains influencing the referral decision [18].
  • STUDY DESIGN: The original cost functions used to develop indirect medical education payment adjustments under PPS are re-estimated with panel data [19].
  • CONCLUSION: The results suggest that the UCLA Attitudes Scale and Knowledge Test can be used reliably to assess attitudes and knowledge level across all levels of medical education and training [20].
  • The data used in this analysis were derived from the schools' responses to the Part 1A and the Part 1B questionnaires of the Liaison Committee on Medical Education for the academic year 1991-92 [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Education, Medical


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