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Induction of rabbit cyclooxygenase 2 in the anterior uvea following glaucoma filtration surgery.

PURPOSE: This study was undertaken to evaluate for the presence of cyclooxygenase 2 (COX2) gene expression in the anterior uvea of rabbits following glaucoma filtration surgery. METHODS: One of the following surgical procedures were performed on the right eye of New Zealand white albino rabbits: (1) paracentesis (2.5 mm limbal incision); (2) iridectomy through a 2.5 mm limbal incision; (3) lamellar scleral flap formation or (4) full glaucoma filtration surgery. The animals were sacrificed within 3 hours of post-surgery, and the anterior uveal tissues were isolated. Polymerase chain reaction-based techniques were employed to assay for the presence of COX2 transcript. RESULTS: A partial coding sequence of the previously unreported rabbit COX2 gene was obtained. COX2 mRNA was detected in the operated eyes of animals that underwent either full filtration surgery or iridectomy through a limbal incision. CONCLUSIONS: In normal rabbit anterior uveal tissue, there appears to be minimal expression of COX2 message. After experimental glaucoma filtration surgery, there is rapid induction of COX2 message.[1]


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