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New Zealand

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Disease relevance of New Zealand


Psychiatry related information on New Zealand


High impact information on New Zealand

  • Data from a questionnaire regarding respiratory symptoms, plus measurements of the serum total IgE level and airway responsiveness to inhaled methacholine, were obtained for 562 11-year-olds in New Zealand. RESULTS [11].
  • Interestingly, this element can be spliced to C beta 2 in the New Zealand White mouse, in which the C beta 1 gene is deleted [12].
  • A large deletion within the T-cell receptor beta-chain gene complex in New Zealand white mice [13].
  • 98% of sera completely neutralized SMEZ-1, but only 85% neutralized SMEZ-2, a very potent variant that has not yet been found in any New Zealand isolate [14].
  • New Zealand White (NZW) mice, with identical class II H-2u genes (I-A and I-E), carry an 8.8-kb deletion in their TCR beta chain locus encompassing D beta 2 and J beta 2 gene segments [15].

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Biological context of New Zealand


Anatomical context of New Zealand


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Gene context of New Zealand

  • In order to evaluate the extent to which the connexin 26 gene (Cx26) contributes to prelingual deafness, we searched for mutations in this gene in 65 affected Caucasian families originating from various countries, mainly tunisia, France, New Zealand and the UK [36].
  • Given the results of these previous studies, we examined whether the high incidence of sporadic colorectal cancer observed in New Zealand Caucasians was due to mutations within CARD15 [37].
  • Autoimmune alterations induced by the New Zealand Black Lbw2 locus in BWF1 mice [38].
  • We have developed novel genetically lupus-prone (NZB x NZW)F(1)-derived congenic New Zealand mixed (NZM) 2328 lines, which are either Stat4- or Stat6-deficient [39].
  • Pivotal role of Stat4 and Stat6 in the pathogenesis of the lupus-like disease in the New Zealand mixed 2328 mice [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of New Zealand


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