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Penile tourniquet: an invaluable technique.

In 72 cases of minor penile surgeries, including circumcision (42), meatotomy (18), meatoplasty (8) and chordee correction (4), a ring cut from a surgical glove finger was used as a tourniquet at the base of the penis after infiltrating the skin and the glans with plain 1% xylocaine. The usual surgical procedures were performed and the tourniquet was released after securing the probable bleeding points. The postoperative results were excellent, with oedema of the penis being the only complication. There was no incidence of skin necrosis, sensory impairment, wound infection, erectile dysfunction or postoperative oozing. This bloodless technique not only curtailed the operating time and made the procedure simpler, but it also prevented the washout of xylocaine by impeding venous drainage.[1]


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