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The blood supporting of nipple-areolar (NAC) complex performing for mammaplasties.

In case of mammaplasties the blood support of the nipple-areolar complex is one of the most important. The authors give a comprehensive clinical summary of the operating technics which are suitable to correct mastoptosis and breast hypertrophy (or macromastia). After mentioning the anatomy, blood and nerve supply of breast, following the classifying of mastoptosis and breast hypertrophy. Summarizing of the historical development of operating methods, which resulting in modern solutions, and adding Hungarian-related data. The widely used mastopexies and reduction mammaplasties will be analyzed, with demonstration of transposition of NAC using different kind of dermo-glandular flaps, e.g.: Skoog-, Pitanguy-, McKissock-, Strömbeck-, Robbins-, Regnault- and other's method. After discussing the possible postoperative complications, authors underline the necessity of detailed analysis and exact planning in varied clinical cases for achieving wanted functional and aesthetic result. Attaching importance to have more perfect operating techniques.[1]


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