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zfh-1 is required for germ cell migration and gonadal mesoderm development in Drosophila.

In Drosophila as well as many vertebrate systems, germ cells form extraembryonically and migrate into the embryo before navigating toward gonadal mesodermal cells. How the gonadal mesoderm attracts migratory germ cells is not understood in any system. We have taken a genetic approach to identify genes required for germ cell migration in Drosophila. Here we describe the role of zfh-1 in germ cell migration to the gonadal mesoderm. In zfh-1 mutant embryos, the initial association of germ cells and gonadal mesoderm is blocked. Loss of zfh-1 activity disrupts the development of two distinct mesodermal populations: the caudal visceral mesoderm and the gonadal mesoderm. We demonstrate that the caudal visceral mesoderm facilitates the migration of germ cells from the endoderm to the mesoderm. Zfh-1 is also expressed in the gonadal mesoderm throughout the development of this tissue. Ectopic expression of Zfh-1 is sufficient to induce additional gonadal mesodermal cells and to alter the temporal course of gene expression within these cells. Finally, through analysis of a tinman zfh-1 double mutant, we show that zfh-1 acts in conjunction with tinman, another homeodomain protein, in the specification of lateral mesodermal derivatives, including the gonadal mesoderm.[1]


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