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Determination of some metals in biological samples for monitoring purposes.

The biological monitoring of toxic and essential metals in biological material is important for the study of influence of environmental conditions on the human body. In this work, the determination of Cd, Pb and Hg in blood, urine and hair of children has been performed by atomic absorption spectroscopy. The electrothermal atomisation with Zeeman background correction was used for Pb and Cd determination and mercury was determined using Trace Mercury Analyser TMA 254. Methylmercury in hair was determined simultaneously. To check the method, SRM Lyphochek Urine Metal control--Biorad, Seronorm Trace Elements--Nycomed and GWB Human Hair (China) were used. The group of more than 100 children were chosen for the study. Statistical tests were used for the evaluation of the obtained results. The concentrations of all elements in all types of samples correspond to the "normal contents" published for the non-exposed population.[1]


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