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Human T cell lymphotropic virus type I Tax protein trans- activates interleukin 15 gene transcription through an NF-kappaB site.

Interleukin 15 (IL-15) mRNA is expressed in a wide variety of tissue types. However, with the exception of some T cell lines, IL-15 transcript expression has not been described in T cells. Herein we demonstrate that IL-15 mRNA can be detected in freshly isolated normal T cells and T cell lines. Furthermore, its expression is 3- to 4-fold higher in human T cell lymphotropic virus type I (HTLV-I)-infected T cells. By using reporter constructs bearing the 5' regulatory region of the IL-15 gene, we observed a positive correlation between HTLV-I Tax protein expression and IL-15 promoter activity in HTLV-I-infected T cells. Additionally, by using a Jurkat T cell transfectant that expresses Tax under an inducible promoter, we demonstrated that the expression of IL-15 mRNA increased 3-fold as Tax was expressed, suggesting that the Tax protein activates IL-15 transcription. An NF-kappaB consensus sequence is located at the -75 and -65 region of the IL-15 5' regulatory region. Mutations in the NF-kappaB motif or deletion of this sequence abrogated the promoter activity in both HTLV-I-positive and Jurkat Tax-transfectant cells. These data represent evidence for trans-activation of the IL-15 gene by the HTLV-I Tax protein through an NF-kappaB motif and suggest a potential role for IL-15 in HTLV-I-associated diseases such as adult T cell leukemia and HTLV-I-associated myopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis.[1]


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