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Kaikasaponin III and soyasaponin I, major triterpene saponins of Abrus cantoniensis, act on GOT and GPT: influence on transaminase elevation of rat liver cells concomitantly exposed to CCl4 for one hour.

The antihepatotoxic activities of soyasaponin I and kaikasaponin III, triterpenoidal saponins isolated from Abri Herba, the whole plant of Abrus cantoniensis, were studied on liver injury induced by CCl4 in primary cultured rat hepatocytes. The antihepatotoxic activities of these saponins and glycyrrhizin (positive control) were demonstrated by measuring the levels of glutamic pyruvic transaminase ( GPT) and glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (GOT). Soyasaponin I inhibited the elevation of GOT and GPT activities. The activities were comparable to those of glycyrrhizin. On the other hand, kaikasaponin III was more effective than soyasaponin I and glycyrrhizin. Kaikasaponin III showed the antihepatotoxic activity at less than 100 micrograms/ml. Furthermore, the highest activity was observed even in the lower doses (50, 100 micrograms/ml). However, soyasaponin I and kaikasaponin III showed some toxicity at the highest dose (500 micrograms/ml), though glycyrrhizin did not show toxicity at any dose.[1]


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