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Iron attenuates nitric oxide level and iNOS expression in endotoxin-treated mice.

The effect of exogenous Fe-citrate complex (Fe doses of 120 and 240 micromol/kg) on nitric oxide (NO) production in vivo has been studied in blood and liver tissue of endotoxin-treated mice. Fe-citrate complex was administered to mice subcutaneously at the same time with intravenous injection of Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Iron-dependent decrease in NO2-/NO3- and nitrosyl hemoglobin levels in blood of animals was detected at 6 h after LPS administration, suggesting systemic attenuation of NO generation. NO production in the liver tissue of LPS-treated mice was decreased after Fe administration judging from the amount of mononitrosyl-iron complexes formed in the tissue by diethyldithiocarbamate. The iNOS protein determination in the liver tissue of LPS-treated mice demonstrated iron-dependent inhibition of iNOS expression. We have found previously that exogenous iron does not affect systemic NO level when it is given at 6 h after LPS injection, i.e. after iNOS expression. This is a first report demonstrating iron-dependent iNOS down-regulation in endotoxin-treated mice.[1]


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