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Cysteine and S-sulfocysteine biosynthesis in phototrophic bacteria.

Forteen species (17 strains) of phototrophic bacteria as well as one strain of Thiobacillus denitrificans were tested for cysteine synthase and S-sulfocysteine synthase. All strains contain cysteine sythase active with O-acetylserine; only the Chromatiaceae, two species of the Rhodospirillaceae and T. denitrificans contain S-sulfocysteine synthase. In six species repression by different sulfur compounds in the medium was studied. In Chromatium vinosum, cysteine synthase was found to be constitutive, while in the Rhodospirillaceae tested the enzyme is repressed by sulfide. Thiosulfate had a derepressive effect in Rhodopseudomonas globiformis but strongly repressed cysteine synthase in R. sulfidophila and R. palustris. Cysteine had only moderate effects with the species tested.[1]


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