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Desmoglein in multiple self-healing squamous epithelioma of Ferguson-Smith--comparison of staining patterns with actinic keratoacanthoma and squamous cell carcinoma of the skin.

BACKGROUND: Multiple self-healing squamous cell epithelioma of the skin (MSSE) is the most common variant of multiple keratoacanthoma. Although the morphology of the lesions in MSSE is similar to classical actinic keratoacanthoma (KA), several distinctive features in clinical presentation and histology have been emphasized. Desmosomes have been shown to be downregulated in certain types of carcinoma. Desmogleins (Dsg) are transmembrane desmosomal glycoproteins that exist as three isoforms. Dsg markers have been found to be reduced or absent in squamous cell carcinoma ( SCC) but preserved in KA. OBJECTIVE: This study was designed to determine the pattern of Dsg staining in MSSE. METHODS: Eight tumors from two female patients with MSSE were stained with the antidesmoglein monoclonal antibody 32-2B, which recognizes Dsgl and Dsg3. RESULTS: All eight tumors showed uniform pericellular Dsg staining throughout the nonkeratinized layers of the neoplastic epithelium. This pattern is entirely similar to that observed in actinic KA, normal epidermis or follicular epithelium. CONCLUSION: Despite the differences, uniform preservation of Dsg seems to be the invariable feature of both MSSE and KA. Further studies are necessary to evaluate this antibody in routine dermatopathology of MSSE and SCC.[1]


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