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Gene Review

MSSE  -  multiple self-healing squamous epithelioma

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of MSSE


Psychiatry related information on MSSE

  • OBJECTIVE: to study possible interrelations existing between the Mini-Suffering State Examination (MSSE) scale and survival of end-stage dementia patients [6].
  • CONCLUSIONS: We conclude that MSSE is appropriate for assessing self-efficacy in the MS population [7].
  • The MS Self-Efficacy Scale (MSSE), Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, Herth Hope Index, and Performance Scales; a sociodemographic questionnaire; and an information sheet regarding consent to participate in the study were mailed to 1,200 potential participants [8].

High impact information on MSSE


Chemical compound and disease context of MSSE


Biological context of MSSE


Anatomical context of MSSE


Associations of MSSE with chemical compounds

  • For 10 of the clinical isolates (two MSSA, three MRSA, two MSSE, three MRSE) and the reference strain, the interaction of cefepime and vancomycin was also determined by the time-kill method [12].
  • Minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC90) and geometric mean MICs for sparfloxacin were as follows (mg/l): P. aeruginosa 128-23.7, E. cloacae 1-0.13, A. anitratus 2-0.14, K. pneumoniae 1-0.08, MRSA 16-0.98, MSSA 0.12-0.03, MRSE 0.25-0.12 and MSSE 0.12-0.05 [16].
  • We also present a novel method, termed methylation-specific strand extension (MSSE), for the detection of methylated CpG dinucleotides [13].
  • RESULTS: The MSSE has high internal consistency and test-retest reliability, both for the overall scale and for the SE Function and SE Control subscales [7].
  • The MSSE measured at the initiation of glatiramer acetate therapy correctly classified 98.8% of those who were adherent at the 6-month follow-up [17].

Other interactions of MSSE


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MSSE


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