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Novel members of the Vesl/Homer family of PDZ proteins that bind metabotropic glutamate receptors.

Vesl-1S (186 amino acids, also called Homer) is a protein containing EVH1- and PDZ-like domains whose expression in the hippocampus is regulated during long term potentiation (LTP), one form of synaptic plasticity thought to underlie memory formation (Kato, A., Ozawa, F., Saitoh, Y., Hirai, K., and Inokuchi, K. (1997) FEBS Lett. 412, 183-189; Brakeman, P. R., Lanahan, A. A., O'Brien, R., Roche, K., Barnes, C. A., Huganir, R. L., and Worley, P. F. (1997) Nature 386, 284-288). Here we report additional members of the Vesl/Homer family of proteins, Vesl-1L and Vesl-2. Vesl-1L (366 amino acids), a splicing variant of Vesl-1S, shares N-terminal 175 amino acids with Vesl-1S and contains additional amino acids at the C terminus. Vesl-2 (354 amino acids) was highly related to Vesl-1L in that both contain EVH1- and PDZ-like domains at the N terminus (86% conservation) and an MCC (mutated in colorectal cancer)-like domain and a leucine zipper at the C terminus. In contrast to vesl-1S, we observed no changes in the levels of vesl-1L and vesl-2 mRNAs during dentate gyrus LTP. All these proteins interacted with metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluR1 and mGluR5) as well as several hippocampal proteins in vitro. Vesl-1L and Vesl-2, but not Vesl-1S, interacted with each other through the C-terminal portion that was absent in Vesl-1S. Vesl-1L and Vesl-2 may mediate clustering of mGluRs at synaptic junctions. We propose that Vesl-1S may be involved in the structural changes that occur at metabotropic glutamatergic synapses during the maintenance phase of LTP by modulating the redistribution of synaptic components.[1]


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