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NADPH is a specific inhibitor of protein import into glyoxysomes.

We have studied the import of proteins into glyoxysomes in vitro and show that this process is specifically inhibited by NADPH. NADPH affects both binding and translocation of proteins into glyoxysomes, and inhibition is determined by the ratio of NADP+ to NADPH. The site of action of NADPH is most likely within the glyoxysome because (1) pretreatment of glyoxysomes with NADPH, followed by re-isolation of the organelles prior to the import assay, resulted in inhibition of import that could be restored by the addition of NADP+; (2) low concentrations of NADPH inhibited binding of proteins to broken glyoxysome membranes. The sensitivity of protein import to inhibition by NADPH declines as glyoxysomes are converted to leaf-type peroxisomes. A model is proposed that speculates on a possible role for NADPH in regulating protein import into plant peroxisomes.[1]


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