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The nine genes of the Nocardia lactamdurans cephamycin cluster are transcribed into large mRNAs from three promoters, two of them located in a bidirectional promoter region.

The nine biosynthesis genes of the Nocardia lactamdurans cephamycin cluster are expressed as three different mRNAs initiating at promoters latp, cefDp, and pcbABp, as shown by low-resolution S1 nuclease protection assays and Northern blotting analysis. Bidirectional expression occurred from divergent promoters (latp and cefDp) located in a 629-bp intergenic region that contains three heptameric direct repeats similar to those recognized by members of the SARP (Streptomyces antibiotic regulatory proteins) family. The lat gene is transcribed in a single monocistronic transcript initiating at latp. A second unusually long polycistronic mRNA (more than 16 kb) corresponding to six biosynthesis genes (pcbAB, pcbC, cmcI, cmcJ, cefF, and cmcH) started at pcbABp. A third polycistronic mRNA corresponding to the cefD and cefE genes started at cefDp.[1]


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