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Characterization of the murine gene encoding Aop2 (antioxidant protein 2) and identification of two highly related genes.

The mouse Aop2 (antioxidant protein 2) cDNA recently cloned from liver and kidney is a member of the thiol-specific antioxidant gene family. We have isolated the mouse gene encoding Aop2 and have shown that it comprises five exons and four introns. Analysis of the sequence upstream of the translation start site revealed several potential Sp1-binding sites and two putative transcription initiation sites. Primer extension studies were used to determine the 5' end of the Aop2 transcript. This upstream region also contains consensus recognition sequences for the transcription factors USF, SREBP, and ADR1, all of which have been shown to regulate genes involved in lipid metabolism, and multiple consensus binding sites for HSF, whose activity is modulated by oxidative stress. Since Aop2 has recently been proposed as a candidate gene for atherosclerosis susceptibility differences in mice, the presence of these binding sites may have biological significance. We also isolated two highly related intronless genes and determined their chromosomal locations. Further characterization of this highly conserved gene family and its regulation will help to elucidate their biological functions.[1]


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