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Lysine is synthesized through the alpha-aminoadipate pathway in Thermus thermophilus.

A 3.8-kb DNA fragment which was able to complement the mutation of a lysine auxotrophic Thermus thermophilus mutant was cloned from T. thermophilus HB27. Sequence analysis of the 3.8-kb fragment indicated the presence of three open reading frames including a truncated one. The predicted amino acid sequences of two of the three open reading frames showed 55.2% and 45.0% identity with homocitrate synthase and homoaconitate hydratase of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, respectively. These two enzymes act as lysine biosynthetic enzymes through the alpha-aminoadipate pathway which has been reported in S. cerevisiae and fungi. Each of the two open reading frames in T. thermophilus was disrupted by integration of the heat-stable kanamycin nucleotidyltransferase gene. The resulting mutants showed lysine auxotrophy, which could be complemented with alpha-aminoadipate but not with diaminopimelate. These results indicate that lysine was synthesized through the alpha-aminoadipate pathway and not through the diaminopimelate pathway in T. thermophilus.[1]


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