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Advancement sleeve flaps for treatment of severe perianal Crohn's disease.

BACKGROUND: Traditionally proctectomy has been the treatment for severe, complex fistula in ano from Crohn's disease. However, based on the success of rectal advancement flaps in Crohn's disease, circumferential transanal sleeve advancement flaps (TSAFs) were proposed for this subgroup of patients with severe fistula. METHODS: From 1991 to 1995, 13 patients (12 women) with severe perianal Crohn's disease and multiple fistula tracts underwent a TSAF procedure. Data were collected retrospectively using a standard data sheet. RESULTS: There were no postoperative deaths or major morbidity. One year after surgery, the fistula had healed in eight of 13 patients (with three requiring additional surgery before healing). Of patients in whom the procedure failed, three underwent proctectomy for progression of disease and the other two had recurrence of a rectovaginal fistula 6 and 8 months after surgery. Of six variables evaluated (previous procedure, steroid use, steroid dosage, associated Crohn's disease, associated procedures and diverting stoma), only associated procedures were significantly related to a successful outcome (P=0.008). CONCLUSION: Some patients with severe perianal Crohn's fistula and a relatively normal rectum can be offered TSAFs. Even with successful outcome in eight of 13 patients, this may still be a viable option if the only alternative would be total proctocolectomy and a permanent stoma.[1]


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