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Agglutination reactions of spontaneous canine tumour cells, induced by concanavalin A, demonstrated by an isotopic assay.

Quantitative assessment of the agglutination of 51Cr labelled canine cell suspensions to canine kidney cell monolayers has been performed over a range of concanavalin A concentrations. Agglutination was observed with all cell cultures tested, comprising four spontaneous canine melanomas, two canine mammary carcinomas, a benign mammary tumour and a contact-inhibited kidney cell line. The melanomas tested showed strong specific inhibition of concanavalin A agglutination by 10(-2)M alpha-methyl-D-glucopyranoside. Inhibition of agglutination of mammary tumour and kidney cells was weaker and less specific. Agglutination was inhibited at 4degrees C. Reduced agglutination to glutaraldehyde-fixed mono-layers was observed in the case of mammary tumours but was absent when contact-inhibited kidney cells were tested. The specificity of the reaction for transformed cells and the parameters involved are discussed.[1]


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