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Characterization of Raf-1 activation in mitosis.

We have used site-directed mutagenesis to explore the mechanisms underlying Raf-1 activation in mitosis, and we have excluded most previously characterized activating interactions. Our results indicate that the primary locus of activation lies in the carboxyl-half of the molecule, although the extent of activation can be influenced by the amino-proximal region, particularly by the Raf-1 zinc finger. We also found that Raf-1 is hyperphosphorylated in mitosis at multiple sites within residues 283-302 and that these hyperphosphorylations are not required for activation. In addition, neither Mek1 nor Mek2 are stably activated in coordination with Raf-1 in nocodazole-arrested cells. Overall, the data suggest that the mechanism(s) responsible for activating Raf-1 during mitosis, and the subsequent downstream effects, are distinct from those involved in growth factor stimulation.[1]


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