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The "spotted" locus maps to bovine chromosome 6 in a Hereford-Cross population.

The spotted locus is responsible for several phenotypically distinguishable piebald patterns in cattle, including Hereford, or white face (SH), lineback (SP), and recessive spotting (s), in addition to nonspotted (S+). In a backcross mapping population, the S locus has been mapped by genetic linkage to bovine chromosome 6, between microsatellite markers BM4528 and EL03. This region corresponds comparatively to a region on mouse chromosome 5 which houses several coat color mutations, among which homology is possible with Hardy-Zuckerman 4 feline sarcoma viral oncogene homologue (Kit), patch (Ph), and rump white (Rw). Mutations at these loci resemble mutations at the bovine S locus in both phenotype and mode of inheritance. Data are presented which show genetic linkage between the bovine S locus and microsatellite markers on chromosome 6. Candidate genes for the bovine S locus are discussed.[1]


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