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Chemical Compound Review


Synonyms: docetaxel, EmDOC, CHEMBL92, Taxotere(R), Docetaxel (TN), ...
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Disease relevance of Taxotere

  • Many of the genes shown in this study may contribute to the dual mechanism by which docetaxel inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells at different concentrations [1].
  • TNAs also demonstrated a much longer circulation time in vivo and more drug accumulation in tumor in a murine breast cancer model than Taxotere [2].
  • These findings suggest potential benefit for use of docetaxel and DIM-C-pPhC(6)H(5) combination in lung cancer treatment [3].

Associations of Taxotere with other chemical compounds

  • One of the underlying mechanisms for augmentation of docetaxel-induced apoptosis by celecoxib and ZD1839 is to further inhibit the activation of prosurvival pathway molecules, such as extracellular signal-regulated kinase and AKT, and the promotion of aberrant apoptosis [4].
  • Although no maximum tolerated dose was reached in cycle 1 with 35 mg/m(2) docetaxel, repetitive dosing proved intolerable in a substantial number of patients; thus, the recommended phase II dose of weekly docetaxel is 30 mg/m(2) when combined with 150 mg of daily erlotinib [5].
  • The maximum tolerated dose of every-3-week docetaxel with 10 mg atrasentan is 70 to 75 mg/m(2) [6].
  • The area under the plasma concentration-time curve in patients who received 100 mg oral docetaxel combined with ritonavir simultaneously or ritonavir given 60 minutes before docetaxel was 2.4 +/- 1.5 and 2.8 +/- 1.4 mg/h/L, respectively, compared with 1.9 +/- 0.4 mg/h/L after i.v. docetaxel [7].

Gene context of Taxotere


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